My husband and I have been tenants of Obieland for 4 years. From March 2017-March 2021 at the same location. When we moved into the rental, we found the property was exceptionally clean and well maintained. Communication has always been open, honest and professional. They have always responded within hours for any needed repairs and kept the property in great shape. Without hesitation we would enter another business arrangement with Obieland!

Cindy and Steve T

We rented a lovely home from Obieland for several years. Our experience was fantastic! They are true professionals… we counted on them for clear communication, and always a prompt response when the home needed attention. I have to say that they are so kind. When life circumstances caused us to move to another town, they were considerate and fair – every step of the way. Thanks, Obieland!

Lorna and Terry B.

When we decided to move from Maui to Gig Harbor two and a half years ago we had no idea weโ€™d find the perfect landlords. Obieland, made our transition from longtime homeowners to renters very welcoming. They are professional yet friendly and personable. Any routine maintenance suggestions or concerns are always met with a quick response and follow up, their excellent communication is much appreciated. Gratefully we donโ€™t have problems or issues as the home has been well cared for. An unexpected treat is the yummy cookies they occasionally leave at our front door, has your landlord ever done that? Ours does ๐Ÿ™‚

Juddee and Miranda K

In November 2014, my wife and I decided to move to Washington. We chose not to buy a home for three years. So, we reviewed 16-homes in seven days. We fell in love with Gig Harbor. More importantly, we fell in love with a home owned by Obieland. Our negotiations were fair, and we believed that the house’s value vs. rental cost was honest. Obieland met our first day at the home with a large floral arrangement with a collection of imported goods. We thought โ€“ “what landlord does this”? We wanted to make rent payments via ACH. The problem was the limit of $2,500/day by our bank. They assured us that breaking up the payments into two sums was fine. Again, we thought โ€“”what landlord does this”?

As time went by, any problems with the home were corrected within days. On one occasion, the washer started to act up. We notified Obieland, and a new washing machine was installed within days. Not to be repetitive, we thought โ€“”what landlord does this”? I can mention various other issues that we reported to Obieland. They always responded within hours to resolve them. They are caring and prompt problem solvers. No matter how big or small, any request was handled with speed and efficiency. Finally, we did purchase a home. After notifying Obieland about terminating our lease, they were happy for the next chapter in our lives and ended our contract on fair terms. I have heard the horror stories of landlords not paying back deposits. This was not the case with Obieland.

They live up to their obligations as we did and our deposit was returned on time as expected. Although we have moved into our new home, we still need to ask Obieland for service referrals. They respond quickly and with first-rate providers. There is no incentive for them to do this. They simply see their former tenants as friends and want to continue to help where they can. My wife and I could not have been happier with Obieland as our landlord. 

Michael M.

Kimberly is a great landlord. She is friendly, professional and kind. She will check with you several times a year to be sure all is ok as she cares about her property and that you are happy there. It is important to her that the property remains clean and functioning so If a problem occurs, a simple text from you and a quick response from her, and the problem is corrected as soon as possible. She is thankful for her renters/clients and we are thankful for the opportunity to lease this beautiful home from her.

Donna and Ed S.